Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mexican Pizza

I made this tonight and it was a HUGE hit. My 2 year old loved helping me too.

I used frozen pizza dough (half whole wheat) for a 12 in crust

I added: 3/4 can vegetarian refried beans, topped with a small can of mild rotel, sliced onions, a sprinkle of cumin, a sprinkle of oregano and topped with shredded cheese, the Mexican blend. I baked at 450 for about 10 minutes. I baked it too long and the crust was too crunchy.

It was really tasty and super filling, we had it with edamame and peas.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meals This Week

Monday: Baked Potatoes with leftover Taco Soup & Cheese as toppings
Tuesday: Salmon Burgers from the grill (marinade made with 1 tbsp honey,1 tsp fresh grated ginger, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1/4 tsp sesame oil & 1 tbsp sesame seeds), corn on the cob & asparagus (sauted with butter, soy sauce, bread crumbs & balsamic vinegar), I am basing it on this recipe.
Wednesday: Tofu & Udon Noodles, recipe here. This is a new recipe, so I'll see how this turns out. I could not find Udon noodles at my grocery store, so I will look at Whole Foods or the Asian grocery store.
Thursday: Zucchini & Penne Pasta with Vodka Sauce.
Friday: Mexican Pizza, homemade pizza dough, with re-fried beans, tomato & chilis & topped with cheddar cheese, this is an experiment, we'll see how it turns out!

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Vegetarian Taco Soup for the slow cooker

I searched and searched for a vegetarian taco soup recipe and found a few, but none were for the slow cooker. I also could not find any that were very quick and easy to prepare.

I finally took this recipe and made it without the ground beef. About an hour before the recipe was done I added 1/3 cup of re-hydrated TVP (textured vegetable protein). I think you could also make this recipe with frozen vegetarian crumbles as well.

It was really good! I served it over some fritos with some low-fat shredded cheese & avocado on top.

Chickpea Patties Review

The recipe (found here) was bland and way more work and clean up then it was worth. A falafel mix would be a lot tastier. I will not be repeating this recipe!