Monday, November 30, 2009

Menu Plan this week (11/30) Reinspired

I have not posted a menu plan in a long time. I have been menu planning, but mostly in my head and by the end of the week I forget Thursday and Friday's menu and we end up getting take out or eating spaghetti.

So in the interest of eating healthy and being frugal, I am back on the menu planning wagon:

Sunday: We had Tilapia with a lime/olive oil marinade, yam fries (loosely based on this recipe, I cut mine lots thinner and used paprika) & green beans
Monday: a new slow cooker vegetarian chili recipe, it was great! (recipe to follow later this week) & corn bread muffins
Tuesday: easy enchiladas
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Salmon burgers (either canned salmon patties, I need a good recipe please! or frozen Salmon burgers that we have) and more sweet potato fries & green beans
Friday: Homemade pizza

So sweet potatoes were on sale last week for 19 cents/pound, which is a great deal. I bought a few pounds. The produce guy showed me the difference between yams (red and skinny) and sweet potatoes. Apparently yams are naturally sweeter. I bought mostly yams and they were delicious in the "french fry" recipe last night. I was planning on freezing the leftovers but there were none!

For lots of ideas and inspiration, check out more menu plans here at Organizing Junkie

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