Thursday, March 26, 2009

Last Week's Meals

We were all sick for a few weeks so I fell behind on posting.

Here are our meals from last week:

Sunday: Stir Fry (Frozen Veggies + Tofu in wok with soy sauce served over steamed brown rice). This is a quick and healthy meal when I can't think of anything else to cook.
Monday: Oven baked fish & spinach rice casserole (made with brown rice), the recipe is here. The casserole was okay, not as great as I had hoped.
Tuesday: Slowcooker Veggie Chili (from the Fix it and Forget it Book) I served it with cornbread and some Fritos I found on sale at Randalls.
Wednesday: Leftover chili
Thursday: Veggie Burger night. I tried this un-fried french fries recipe here. It was a disaster. I was tired and put too many slices on the tray and they never got crispy. My two year old had a great time helping me sort through the potatoes though.
Friday: I don't remember, I think we may have gone to Jason's Deli, healthy and affordable.

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